Welcome to the phylogeny of the angiosperms of the world

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Johansson, J. T. 2013 (and onwards). The Phylogeny of Angiosperms. Published online. http://angio.bergianska.se

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A brief introduction in how to use this book

- Introduction An introduction to the angiosperm phylogeny, morphology and taxonomy is found under the title Magnoliopsida (see top of left hand column).

- Chapters All major clades of angiosperms are described in the subsequent “chapters” (see under each title in the left hand column).

- Colour photos It is the author’s intention that as many as possible of the genera should be illustrated by colour photos. In order to see these pictures, click on a generic name in the lists of genera (in the systematics sections) under each main clade (“family”, ending at -aceae, according to the traditional taxonomy). The generic name is linked to a library of colour photos.

- References Literature references will be found at the end of each main chapter (usually “order”, ending at -ales, according to the traditional taxonomy).

- List of genera There is an alphabetical list of generic names (List of Genera) and their synonyms (see top of left hand column). Abbreviations occurring in this list are explained in a separate section (see top of left hand column).

- Glossaries Two glossaries (Glossary general and Glossary phytochemistry, respectively) explain morphological, cytological, phytochemical and other terms (see top of left hand column).

- Missing data Finally, there is a list of character states unknown in the different angiosperms groups (see under Missing data, in the left hand column).

- I also recommend the user to read through the Preface (see top of left hand column) before reading the remaining text in this book.