Glossary – phytochemistry (under construction)

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Dammarane – a tetracyclic triterpene present in sapogenins and forming triterpene saponins

Daphnetin – 7,8-dihydroxycoumarin

Decarboxylated iridoids – a class of route II iridoids derived from epi-deoxyloganic acid via decarboxylation at the C11 position; examples are catalpol and aucubin

Delphinidin – a type of anthocyanidin present in blue, violet and red fruits, etc.

Deoxyanthocyanins – red flavonoids; anthocyanins have no oxygen in the 3 position

Deoxyloganic acid – precursor of iridoids

Depside – here ester of two hydroxylated cinnamic and other acids

Depsidones – a class of lipoid substances; a class of compounds that are esters and also cyclic ethers; frequent in, e.g., lichenized fungi

Deutzioside – a route I secoiridoid

Dhurrin – a cyanogenic glucoside

Dianellidin – musizin; 1,8-dihydroxy-3-methyl-2-acetonaphthone (1-(1,8-dihydroxy-3-methyl-2-naphthyl)ethanone)

Dihydrochalcones – class of colourless flavonoids derived from chalcones by reduction of the α,β double bond

Dihydroflavones – flavanones

Dihydrosterculic acid – methylene octadecanoic acid, a fatty acid

Dimeric indole alkaloids – see Indole alkaloids

Dioncophylline – a naphthyl isoquinoline alkaloid found in Ancistrocladaceae and Dioncophyllaceae

Diterpene – C20 compound made up of four isoprene units, commonly present in resins, rarely in essential oils; diterpenes include gibberellins and phorbol esters

Diterpene alkaloids – alkaloids derived from kaurene; diterpene alkaloids may be simple amino alcohols or esters with a C20 skeleton, or complicated with a C19 skeleton; diterpene alkaloids, which are usually highly neurotoxic, occur in, e.g., Aconitum, Delphinium (Ranunculaceae), Erythrophleum (Fabaceae), and Garrya Garryaceae, and examples are aconitine, atisine, veatchine, lycoctonine, nuphamine, deoxynupharidine

Droserone – a toxic naphthoquinone derivative, together with, e.g., 5-O-methyl droserone present in Droseraceae and Nepenthes pitchers

Dulcitol – galactitol; a straight-chain galactose-based hexitol

Dysoxlin – a limonoid