Glossary – phytochemistry (under construction)

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Quassinoids – subclass of triterpenoids (nortriterpenoid) composed of 19 or 20 carbon atoms

Quebrachitol – a cyclic polyol

Quercetin – a common flavonol

Quercitrin – a glycoside formed from quercetin (a flavonol) and rhamnose

Quinic acid – a cyclitol (cyclic polyol)

Quinine – a quinoline alkaloid, a stereoisomer of quinidine; quinine contains two major fused-ring systems, aromatic quinoline and bicyclic quinuclidine; present in Cinchona (Rubiaceae)

Quinolizidines – alkaloids derived from lysine and with two fused 6-membered rings that share a nitrogen

Quinones – the general name for aromatic compounds that have two atoms of hydrogen replaced by two atoms of oxygen; usually yellow, red, or orange