Glossary – phytochemistry (under construction)

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Xanthones – flavanone derivatives; compounds derived from polyketides or shikimic acid pathways and combined with acetate-malonate units

Xanthones – summary formula C13H8O2; a class of phenolic substances, especially frequent in Calophyllaceae, Clusiaceae, Hypericaceae and Gentianaceae; examples include guanandin, gentisin, isoathyriol, swertianol, polygalaxanthone A, swertinin, celebixanthone, macluraxanthone, mangostin, gambogic acid

Xanthophylls – carotenoids that are oxygenated derivatives of simple unsaturated hydrocarbons

Xylans – a polysaccharide component of hemicelluloses and containing only xylose molecules

Xyloglucans – a cell wall storage polysaccharide containing both xylose and glucose molecules, forming a matrix that does not have cellulose and pectins in the same proportions as in the primary cell

Xylose – a five carbon (pentose) sugar