Glossary – phytochemistry (under construction)

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Valeric acid – pentanoic acid; an alkyl carboxylic acid with the summary formula C5H10O2

Valpotriates – acylated iridoids; a class of iridoid monoterpenes, triesters of polyalcohols with an iridoid structure and an epoxy group

Vanillic acid – 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid; a dihydroxybenzoic acid derivative, an oxidized form of vanillin

Verbascoside – a phenylpropanoid glucoside (phenylethanoid), a disaccharide ester of caffeic acid (a hydroxycinnamic acid), two molecules of caffeoyl phenylethanoid glucoside and two sugar molecules (one is rhamnose) being involved; there are numerous variants of this; frequent in Plantaginales

Vitexin – an apigenin flavone glucoside

Vochysine – a pyrrolidine alkaloid